Subwoofers and Home Theater Speakers


A sub woofer is a primary portion of your sound structure that produces low repeat sound.   This low pitch sound is what is called bass.   Sound is made of different frequencies and your main speakers are designed to give high and mid-range frequencies.   When you try to transmit diverse sound signs; there will be sound bending.   This is on the grounds that they can’t deal with low recurrence sound well and since this particular signal needs a considerable measure of energy and speakers are not empowered to do so.   There are various types of sub-woofers available in the market.

Before binding yourself into getting one, it is necessary to investigate on them.   This article focuses on a couple of tips that can help you when acquiring a sub-woofer.

There are basically two different types of home theater subwoofers.   They are categorized as active and passive.   In the case of a passive subwoofer, you need an external amplifier to power it.   It is mostly used in car audio systems as one big speaker or many speakers put together in a box.   An active subwoofer, on the other hand, is also known as powered subwoofer has an amplifier built in it.   It is enabled to connect to power on its own.   They are normally seen as single subwoofers and is best suited for home theaters, movie theaters, and sound systems.

You should also research on the size of the subwoofer that you are interested in buying.   They can fall anywhere between four and twenty inches.   Large subwoofers produce more bass as compared to small subwoofers.   Nonetheless, they weigh more.   In the event that you are searching for a sub-woofer of a little home, a twenty inch sort would be suitable for you.   Little subwoofers have convenience  and they moreover convey enough bass.   You can likewise put into thought wall mounted sub-woofers which are built on walls or roofs.   They are better since they save on the floor space that would have been used.

You should look into the driver size.   A sub-woofer driver is a device that changes electrical energy into sound waves.   Now and again, the driver is itself called the speaker particularly in situations where a solitary one is placed in a walled area.   Big drivers ordinarily give more bass.   A driver of ten or twelve inches is ideal as it is capable of reproducing the lowest frequency sound.

Put into consideration what enclosure the sub-woofer is in.   This is the cabinet in which the speaker drivers and other electronics such as amplifiers and crossover circuits are mounted.   They are found in various forms.   The importance of the enclosure cabinet is to stop the interfacing of sound waves from the driver’s rear side with that from the front side.


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